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We believe that businesses have a responsibility to be as environmentally friendly as they can in how they operate. This influences the way we work and we do our best to empower our customers to adopt environmentally friendly practices around their office operation too.



We endeavour to recycle as much material as possible associated with our products.

Empty toner cartridges in the Clarity Solutions workshop ready for recycling

We have a toner cartridge recycling scheme for all our customers for a nominal charge (with the option to opt out if required). We will collect all your used toner cartridges from your premises when we visit and recycle them for you.

Old photocopier parts in the Clarity Solutions workshop ready for recycling
End-of-Life Parts & Machines

When we replace parts in your printer we bring the old ones back to our workshop where they are sorted into aluminium and steel. If your entire photocopier has reached the end of its life it will be stripped down into its various metal and plastic components. All of these parts will then be sent for recycling locally.

Cardboard packaging in the Clarity Solutions workshop ready for recycling

Most of our consumable products arrive in cardboard boxes and new printers are protected with outer cardboard packaging. We’re pleased to see that some manufacturers are now also using internal cardboard impact protection for their printers rather than hard-to-recycle polystyrene. We have chosen to recycle all of our cardboard with a weekly industrial waste cardboard collection.



When you upgrade your printer or photocopier we will bring the old one back to our workshop where it will be assessed by our engineers. If there is plenty of life left in it we will carefully refurbish and rigorously test it then it will become part of our secondhand fleet, available for purchase or in-house rental, which is an ideal cost-effective solution for many of our customers.

Clarity Solutions engineer refurbishing photocopier


There are various ways we manage our day-to-day operation to minimise the environmental impact of the business besides recycling.

Clarity Solutions engineer giving remote assistance to customer
Remote Assistance

Very often, if you have a problem with your printer or photocopier it can be resolved without an engineer’s visit. We can access your network remotely (with your digital permission) to solve most software problems and for some simple physical issues we are able to talk you through what to do over the phone or by video call. This means we aren’t using our vans unnecessarily with the added bonus that you get a swifter resolution to your printer problems without having to wait for an engineer to attend site.

Clarity Solutions team member taking a call from a customer
Live Call Handling

We manage our service calls “live” so our engineers are directed to customers in a geographically intelligent way, not necessarily chronologically. Their job schedules are flexible to allow new jobs that are just down the road from their current location to be slotted in to avoid unnecessary mileage and retracing their steps later in the day.

Clarity Solutions engineer organising spare parts in his van
Parts Stock on Vans

For our live call handling to be effective, we make sure that our engineers carry a comprehensive stock of parts on their vans so there is a high probability that they will be able to fix your printer in a single visit. We’re proud to say that this is the case for over 95% of problems so we mostly avoid our vans having to make extra journeys because they don’t have the correct parts on board.

Who Gives A Crap bamboo toilet roll
Bamboo Loo Roll

The toilet paper in our office loos is supplied by Who Gives A Crap. It’s made from bamboo which needs a lot less water than trees and grows much more quickly so is more sustainable. Who Gives A Crap also donate 50% of their profits to build toilets for those in need and improve access to basic sanitation for communities in developing countries. And yes, it’s nice and soft thank you!



It is essential that products like printers and photocopiers use technology to improve their environmental impact.

Power Consumption

Most of the printers / copiers we sell have a power saving mode. They effectively go to sleep when they are not being used and their residual power consumption drops to around 0.5W. The Sharp multifunctional printers have been designed with energy efficiency in mind – rapid warm up time, low power consumption – and a control screen prompting the most environmentally friendly settings for every print or copy job.

Empty toner cartridge automatically ejected from Sharp printer
Toner Usage

Many of the current range of Sharp printers employ an automatic toner cartridge eject function which is only triggered when ALL the toner has been used avoiding wastage. These printers also use low-melt toner which reduces the amount of energy required for every print or copy run.

Control panel on Sharp printer showing printing options
Paper Usage

Running a paperless office might be the ultimate aspiration but while hard copies of many documents are still required it’s important to minimise the amount of paper that is being consumed. All our printers offer duplex printing as standard so both sides of each sheet can be used and this can be configured to be the default setting.

Eco printers

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