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Drivve | Image scanning software enhances and seamlessly integrates your scan workflows into your information infrastructure and optimises processes by intelligent capture, processing and distribution.  It allows one-touch automated multilayer scan and distribution processes and allows you to use existing information to name, categorise and file scanned documents or add important data.

​With scanning being a mission critical task for most companies, Drivve | Image gives the most efficient, enhanced and secure execution of this process with fast and easy installation, fool-proof security and an easy user-friendly interface and with multiple modules you can customise it's performance to match your business requirements .    

How it works:

  • Improved efficiency with documents being scanned into versatile digital files
  • Reduced costs with documents being processed faster and workflows become more efficient
  • Compliance with Drivve | Image providing you with a full audit trail of your digitised processes
  • Save energy, paper and toner by reducing your printing and copying
  • Optimise image quality
  • Distribute scanned documents by email, fax or workflow
  • Read barcode information and analyse document data
  • Create editable and searchable documents
  • Assign permissions to scanned documents
  • Configure scan jobs at the scan device
  • Secure vital company information with log-in function PDF encryption and rights assignment
  • Eliminate slow and error-prone manual workflows

Drivve Image

    • One-touch automated scan and distribution
    • Efficient, secure execution
    • User-friendly interface
    • Customisable modules
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