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The Sharp BIG PAD PN70HC1E is an interactive display screen designed to enhance collaborative learning in education and training environments.


The 70” Ultra HD LCD screen has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and is optimised for 4K reading and presentation. It uses 10 point Infrared Touch technology to provide a responsive touch experience. The PN70HC1E is easy to use so groups can work at the screen immediately without training, encouraging more engagement. Annotation can be made with the supplied Passive Pen or your finger, delivering an intuitive Pen on Paper user experience.


The Sharp BIG PAD PN70HC1E includes an integrated System on Chip player with launcher, whiteboard, overlay and wireless functionality so you can brainstorm using the whiteboard app without needing any additional PC equipment and save your work to USB. You can connect any 4K PC with HDMI or wirelessly cast to any Windows or Android device.


Easy access control buttons on the front of the screen allow you to change the display to any of the connected inputs and freeze the screen to give you time to explain your point. The BIG PAD PN70HC1E is a great learning aid and helps you to deliver engaging classes without getting distracted by technology.


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Sharp BIG PAD PN-70HC1E Interactive Display Screen

    • 70” (177cm) diagonal screen size
    • 3840 x 2160 pixels
    • Ultra HD LCD screen
    • Fast and responsive 10 point Infrared Touch technology
    • Integrated System On Chip controller for built in whiteboard and media playback
    • Pen on Paper experience with Passive Pen (included) or finger for easy annotation
    • Share a PC screen via HDMI or wirelessly cast to any Windows or Android device
    • 3 x HDMI input
    • 2 x VGA input
    • 1 x Audio 3.5mm jack
    • 1 x LAN port
    • 1 x USB
    • 2 x built in 10W speakers
    • Landscape orientation


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