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How we are an environmentally friendly photocopier company

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6 reasons why choosing Clarity Solutions for your photocopier is environmentally friendly!

When it comes to your business being environmentally friendly photocopiers probably aren’t one of the areas you consider, unless it’s to reduce the amount of paper you use. But when you use Clarity Solutions as your supplier there are several ways you’re helping to look after the environment that you might not be aware of. Being environmentally responsible is important to us and we wanted to share with you how we go about that in our day-to-day operation.

Remote assistance

​When you call us about a problem with your office printer you get through to a member of our small team who really want to find a quick solution for you. Where possible we endeavour talk you through the solution over the phone, or we can use technology to solve the issue by remotely accessing your network so that we don’t actually need to send an engineer out to visit, saving fuel consumption and van miles.

Efficient scheduling

​If the problem is a physical one and needs an engineer to take a look at the machine, because our call management is controlled by humans in the office who know where our engineers are we can adjust their work schedule in real time to make sure they visit customers using the most efficient route, not just in consecutive order. Again, this means our vans are not doing unnecessary mileage.

Courier deliveries

​We often need to send out consumable items such as toner cartridges to our customers and if they’re not located near where one of our engineers is likely to be we use couriers. As courier companies have multiple drops per route it makes the environmental impact per delivery much lower than if we were to undertake a specific journey ourselves just for one toner delivery.

Recycling spent toner cartridges

​Speaking of toner cartridges, have you ever wondered what happens to the empty ones? Here at Clarity we collect the spent cartridges from you when we visit your premises and recycle them. We are also careful with the disposal of used parts from your machine when our engineers have needed to replace them. Back in our workshop these parts are sorted into aluminium, steel and plastic then sent for recycling.

Reuse and recycling of old photocopiers

Of course the biggest items we need to deal with are your old machines when you upgrade. When they arrive back at our workshop they are assessed. If our engineers are confident that there is plenty of life left in the machine it will be carefully refurbished and added to our in-house rental stock. If it is at the end of its lifespan it will be dismantled into its component parts and recycled locally to minimise any additional carbon footprint.

Upcycled model

​We have recently introduced a new model to our range which has been specifically designed with sustainability in mind. The Eco Direct C455i uses upcycled elements that can have a second lifecycle with all consumable parts replaced to ensure reliability. It delivers excellent performance coupled with real value for money and is also covered by our 5 Year Service Guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Protecting the environment where we can is everyone’s responsibility. We believe that small actions add up so we like to think of ourselves as an environmentally friendly photocopier company (as well as being customer friendly of course). Like Tesco says, every little helps!

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