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Short term photocopier hire to the Cheltenham Festival Media Office

Clarity Solutions engineer at Cheltenham Festival

Racing fans are excited that it’s time for The Cheltenham Festival and Clarity Solutions are delighted to be supplying a photocopier to the Festival Media Office again this year. We pride ourselves on responding to our customers’ needs at a gallop and this is no exception. Meg Furse, the Jockey Club’s Regional Marketing Executive responsible for the communications released from the Festival, needs a machine that is fast, reliable and versatile and the Sharp MX5140N fits the bill perfectly. We are able to supply this on a short term hire for one week only, including full engineer backup in the unlikely event that it’s needed, to give Meg peace of mind that the fast pace of the output from the Media Office can be sustained for the week of the Festival.

​The Media Office produce up-to-the-minute information about the racing throughout each day of the Festival. With seven races each day there’s a lot of ground to cover getting information distributed swiftly to journalists in the onsite press room. These press releases are often in the format of multipage documents so printing and handling efficiency is paramount. The Sharp MX5140N can print and copy at 51/41 pages per minute respectively and automatically collates and staples these media packs ready for distribution, saving valuable time.

Building good relationships with our customers is really important to Clarity Solutions and temporary installations in high-pressure environments such as this mean that we only have a short space of time to make a good impression. Our friendly team of engineers not only install the machine but they also provide full training so the media team will be confident under starters orders and ready for the off.

Thanks to The Jockey Club for choosing Clarity Solutions again, we wish everyone involved a successful Festival.


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