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Changing office equipment contracts for the next chapter

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Does your new normal need new contracts?

It feels like this is a pivotal moment for office based businesses. Having had our world turned upside down and the once vibrant office environment turned into a ghost town, we’re now at the point where decisions need to be made about what happens next. Those decisions are driven partly by the needs of each business but also by the needs of a workforce who have had the opportunity to work from home and enjoy the benefits, many of which also benefit the business.

​Employers had no choice but to allow working from home where possible – something that may have been suggested and resisted in the past for fear of the unknown effect this may have on productivity – and in many ways this enforced experiment has been one of the positive things to come out of the pandemic. It has delivered valuable data and experience to business owners to give them the confidence to adjust the status quo and create a more flexible working environment which works for both the business and its staff.

The impact of change on office equipment

​If office occupation is going to change significantly on a more permanent basis, so then will the use and efficacy of the equipment in the office, not to mention the impact a potential reduction in floor space will have on the ability to actually house said equipment. This may well make you consider the office equipment contracts you currently have in place and what your options might be. What might have been the right printer fleet for an office of 50 people will be overkill if only 25 people are ever in the office at any one time. This has implications not only from a contract cost point of view, but also for machine performance. A machine that is designed to print high volume at high speed will start to grumble if it’s not being used as much, resulting in more frequent service call outs and interruptions. Video calls on an individual basis may have worked well with everyone working remotely, but if you’ve got half a team together in the office needing to meet virtually with those working from home, a room-scale conferencing facility works so much better for team cohesion and gives you the best of both worlds. Using an interactive display screen to achieve this also gives the added benefits of improving the collaborative, creative process and making presentations more engaging and compelling. Clarity Solutions can help you get the balance right with both the hardware and contracts for your equipment.

Get the right balance for hybrid working

​We will take the time to understand you and your business needs, (and where those needs are changing or currently in flux), and make recommendations accordingly. We can supply a wide variety of multifunctional printers from desktop A4 mono machines right through to fast A3 colour production machines so we have all print/copy/scan bases covered. If you’re not ready to make a commitment yet we have a selection of machines available for short term rental with no minimum term so you can maintain productivity while figuring out what the best arrangement will be for your business. We also supply a range of interactive display screens from Sharp to accommodate meeting rooms of all sizes which can be set up for video conferencing at room-scale. The most versatile is the Windows Collaboration Display System which operates in the familiar Microsoft 365 environment and has camera, microphone and speakers built-in… you can literally just plug in and get to work.

We can renegotiate office equipment contracts for you

​If you can see the need to reduce or reconfigure your printer fleet but you’re only part way through your lease term, you might feel stuck with what you’ve got. We are not only experts in the hardware but also the navigation of office equipment lease contracts to obtain the best solution for your business so if your machines are mid-lease term we can negotiate a solution that means you won’t be hit with a lump sum settlement figure for the ones you no longer need. So for example you could replace a couple of larger A3 multifunctional printers with a handful of smaller desktop A4 machines for remote working, potentially reducing your costs per copy and lease rental charges AND incorporating any settlement payments, all within a lower monthly cost than you have been paying. In essence, we look after all the contractual complexity for you in the background so you can get on with operating your business efficiently. If that sounds like it would be a weight off your mind give us a call on Worcester 01905 721400 or Gloucester 01452 699400, use the webchat or email We’re good listeners!


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