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The benefits of laser vs inkjet desktop printers

Office workers around a laser desktop printer

Why choose a desktop laser printer for your business?

Clarity Solutions don’t just supply big floor-standing multifunctional printers we do desktop laser printers too, with the same high level of customer support.

As the world of work evolves so do office printing requirements. It may be that you or your staff are working from home more now or you are trying to reduce the amount people need to move around your office. Clarity Solutions can help you maintain the quality of output in your new working environment without the need to leave your desk!

​We have a wide range of A4 desktop multi-functional laser printers to meet your needs and while it might be tempting to go for an off-the-shelf inkjet printer here’s why it’s worth considering a desktop laser printer from us instead:

Cost - desktop laser printers are better value for money

The cheap initial outlay for an inkjet printer can be misleading. Manufacturers often sell the machines at a loss because this will be offset by the subsequent cost of the ink cartridges. If you need to replace all the ink cartridges in one go it can be cheaper to buy a new printer instead!

If you’re going to be printing high volume, laser printers are better value, as the cost per page is lower than inkjet. Toner cartridges may be more expensive but will print 1000s of pages as opposed to the 100s of pages you will get from an inkjet cartridge.

Service - we'll keep your desktop laser printer working

The cost per page charge covers your consumables and service. We monitor the toner levels in your machines so we can make sure you have replacements on site ready to go before you need them, rather than you having to wait for supplies when you have an urgent job to print. We are also on hand to resolve any problems either remotely or in person by our friendly team of engineers who are well-versed in all the new safe working procedures.

Print quality - laser printers can produce sharper prints

Laser printers use toner to print, a powder which is transferred to the paper using a laser then fixed using heat. Inkjet printers use liquid ink applied using micro-nozzles. The print quality from laser printers can be much sharper because there is no bleed, nor is there any risk of smudging as there can be from inkjets if the ink isn’t quite dry as it comes off the printer. Click here for details of one of our most popular A4 colour desktop laser printers.

Consumable life - laser printer toners last longer

If you print infrequently you run the risk of those expensive inkjet cartridges drying up and rendering themselves useless. As toner is a dry medium it is preferable for long-term use as it stores much better.

Environmental impact - we'll recycle your laser printer toner cartridges

The amount of cartridges an inkjet printer gets through in its lifetime is staggering. Even though they can be recycled the process can be a bit tiresome so the vast majority of these spent cartridges end up in landfill. Here at Clarity we care about the environment and for a monthly fee of just 40p for mono and 80p for colour we will collect your empty toner cartridges and recycle them.

So all in all, choosing a laser printer from Clarity Solutions over an inkjet printer works out better value for money, better for the environment and with the added advantage of friendly and knowledgeable support in person or on the end of the phone.

For a chat about your requirements contact us via webchat or the contact form, or give us a call on Worcester 01905 721400 or Gloucester 01452 699400.


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