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How to choose a printer or photocopier for your business

Printer / photocopier in office

Speculation may say otherwise, but the use of photocopiers and printers within the office is as vital as ever. Technology is developing at a rapid pace, yet the need to have a physical document is why offices still need professional quality prints and copies.

​The choices available leads to more confusion, with some SMBs often purchasing one or more devices that simply do not fulfil their needs. Making a decision isn't simply a case of picking the cheapest nor the most expensive you can find!

What do you print?

This is a key question - after all, you don't want to get lumbered with a printer that is completely unsuitable. If you print text documents on a small scale then basic inkjet should suffice. However, for high volumes, a laser printer would be a better choice.

How much do you print and at what speed?

Although speed is very handy, why pay out extra for a high speed machine if time is not a critical element within your business? However, if your office needs a faster workflow to stay productive, then inkjet and low end laser printers can be excluded.

​What other essential features do you need?

When evaluating which machine will be fit for purpose, you will need to identify whether you will require other functions such as stapling, folding, booklet making, handling a range of paper sizes and feedstock, duplex printing and copying. It is important that the device is capable of delivering all your needs!

How many people will be using the printer/photocopier?

It is essential to know how many people regularly use and share the printer, so that each individual can connect to the device easily.

Do I need a Multifunctional Device?

Otherwise known as MFP (Multifunctional Printer) or MFD (Multifunctional Device) will require connection to a computer and will perform all printing, copying, scanning and document management functions from a single device. Faxing and other modules for finishing documents such as booklet making, folding, stapling and binding can usually be added as optional extras.

Can existing equipment be replaced at the same time?

With the ability to print, copy, scan and fax from a Multifunction printer is ideal for increasing productivity, saving money on running costs and convenience. Look at your existing setup and consider updating your existing scanner and copier at the same time and save on space with one central machine.

Are you considering the running costs?

​The initial purchase or lease of the machine does not represent the full cost of the machine, with running costs making up a large portion of the overall outlay. Be sure to check the cost of cartridges, or look for an all-inclusive service agreement that gives you a fixed cost per page to include all toners, parts and labour.


  • Are you a home or business user

  • How many prints do you do?

  • What type of printing do you do? Black and white only, colour? Paper size.

  • Is speed important?

  • Do you want to scan and copy as well as print?

  • Do you require any finishing options

  • Do you want wifi and network connection?

  • Do you want to lease, rent or purchase?

​Still need help choosing? Enquire here, or give us a call on 01905 721400 or 01452 699400 and our friendly staff will help you find the photocopier/printer that is right for you!



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