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How to choose the best printer for working from home

Man working from home

Choosing a printer for your home office

The pandemic has changed the way many people work and working from home has become much more common. For some this may be a permanent set-up, for others it may be temporary until things settle or you may have embraced a new flexible approach combining working both at home and in the office.

However you find yourself working from home it’s likely that your family inkjet printer won’t be up to the job both in terms of quality of output and its functionality, not to mention the extortionate cost of print cartridges (read more about the advantages of laser vs inkjet here).

Choosing the best printer for working from home can be a fine balance between performance, cost and space. All of our printers are covered by our service contract which means the cost of consumables and any repairs are included.

So, how to choose the best printer for working from home for you when there is so much choice out there? Here are some things to consider to narrow it down a bit:

Mono or colour?

​Will you need to produce colour print output? If most of what you print is text or figures it’s worth considering a black and white only printer as these are cheaper both as hardware and for running costs.

A4 or A3?

​Printers for home offices (or the corner of your home that you have commandeered for work!) generally need to be compact due to the amount of space available. A3 printers have a larger footprint due to their paper size capability so only choose an A3 printer if you need it. (We have the smallest footprint A3 colour printer on the market here if you do.)

Do you need scanning capability?

​Will you need to scan hard copy documents? If so, how often? Are these likely to be single or multiple page documents? If you will need to scan multiple page double-sided documents regularly you will benefit from a multifunctional printer with an automatic document feeder with duplex scanning capability so it will scan both sides at once. If you are only likely to need to scan short documents occasionally a manual feed will probably suffice.

Temporary or permanent?

​If working from home is just a temporary situation while the pandemic rages you might prefer a temporary printer solution. If so, we are able to offer a range of printers on a short term pay as you go rental basis with no minimum term. Get in touch here to see what we have available.

When you get a home office printer from Clarity Solutions it doesn’t just arrive in a box with a set of instructions. It arrives in the hands of one of our friendly engineers who will set it all up for you and make sure everything is working as it should, so no tech headaches for you to deal with!

Have a look at our products here to help your decision making. There’s a lot to consider so if you need help to choose the best printer for working from home give us a call on Worcester 01905 721400 / Gloucester 01452 699400, use the webchat or email


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