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Benefits of leasing a photocopier for your office

Olivetti photocopier

Why lease a photocopier for your office?

Whilst some businesses have embraced the digital sphere on a grand scale, others still rely on good old fashioned printed reports and documentation, which is where a reliable and efficient copier is required. However, for those start-up companies, purchasing expensive office kit is not always a viable option.

As photocopiers are an incredibly important piece equipment for any business, leasing is thus seen as an incredibly efficient way to access the crucial equipment that you need for the everyday running of your company, without having to provide a straightforward purchase. Leasing also enables businesses to be eligible for amazing tax benefits in addition to the latest technology for your office space - allowing you and your company to keep up with the ever changing landscape of the corporate world.

So, for those of you considering implementing photocopiers in your office space or are still undecided on the idea, here's why leasing a photocopier might be the best option for you and your business...

Budget Friendly

Photocopier leases enables you to make small, fixed payments per month as opposed to providing a large payment for the equipment up front, alleviating you of any budgeting concerns. You can have access to the necessary photocopier equipment required for you and your employees whilst still having the flexibility and control to manage cash flow that suits the specific needs of you and your business.

At Clarity Solutions, we provide flexible leasing plans available with low finance rates, so you can have access to the latest and innovative copiers at the best prices. The benefit? No capital outlay is required to acquire benefits of the equipment and you have the flexibility to upgrade if needed.

Alternatively, with new companies often requiring a minimum of 3 years trading history to establish the right credit line for lease options, an in house rental option may be a better solution for you and your business. Our in house rental options are viable for 3 months through to 3 years backed with service guarantees.

Leasing a photocopier has tax benefits

It is stipulated that for those businesses that lease a photocopier as opposed to purchase one outright, you are eligible to pre-tax business expenses, enabling you to easily conserve cash flow for your business. Again, this is a particularly beneficial option for small businesses who do not have unlimited capital at their disposal!

Upgrading Technology

Technology is continuously evolving, with updated models and versions replacing one another within the marketplace at a rapid and ever changing pace. Because of this, older models will lose value and depreciation overtime as their ‘newer’ and ‘shinier’ equivalents are created. Consequently, leasing is a fruitful option for many businesses who want to maintain the latest technological innovations as a way of maximising efficiency within the workplace. Leasing thus provides you with the flexibility to upgrade and update your existing facilities to the most updated versions, if required.

Indeed, a business that owns all of their own equipment can only upgrade if they reinvest and dispose of the original equipment. When you have a photocopier lease on a fixed contract, it is much easier to upgrade to a newer model or one that will support any changes in your business’s requirements. Take our D310 D311 Sindoh photocopier for example, our flexible leasing plans at Clarity Solutions give your business the option to own a multifunctional printer with compact total A3 colour solution for high work efficiency at extremely low values. It's a win win.

It must be noted, however, that purchasing a photocopier has a plethora of perks for your business. The options entirely depend on your company's specific requirements. To discuss whether your business would benefit from purchasing a photocopier outright or setting up a lease agreement, get in touch with us today on Worcester 01905 721400 or Gloucester 01452 699400, or send us an enquiry here.


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