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Hybrid workplace equipment qualifies for tax incentive

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Tax incentive for capital investment in assets

There is a lot of talk at the moment about changes to the working environment as we emerge into the post-pandemic period. Many businesses are looking at how they could make a hybrid workplace a more permanent arrangement having recognised the advantages of remote working after its enforced adoption during lockdown.

New technology will inevitably play a big part in making the hybrid workplace work for your business, alongside accompanying changes to existing equipment that may need to be upgraded to complement the new working environment efficiently.

Once your strategy for this digital transformation of your workplace has been developed, it’s highly likely that capital investment will be needed to implement it successfully. Understandably, there might be resistance to this investment after such a challenging financial year.

But if you’re a limited company considering capital investment in new equipment then an announcement in the Chancellor’s recent budget might help you make the decision to go ahead.

To encourage this type of investment, limited companies will be able to offset 130% of the cost of the assets against taxable profits. So for example, a machine costing £5000 will result in a £6500 deduction from taxable profits. This scheme applies to any new plant or machinery (not second hand) purchased between 1st April 2021 and 31st March 2023 so there’s plenty of time to do your research and make the right purchasing decisions.

Clarity Solutions offer a range of products that qualify for this scheme when purchased outright:

Products for the hybrid workplace

The Sharp Windows Collaboration Display System with its 70” 4K display makes video conferencing at room scale a breeze. With its built-in camera, speakers and powerful omnidirectional microphone there are no peripheral gadgets to set up, all you have to do is plug in your device and begin. It is certified by Skype for Business and is supported by Microsoft Teams so the Microsoft 365 interface is familiar. Find out more here.

Our range of Sharp BIG PAD interactive display screens come in a range of sizes suitable for smaller meeting rooms and can also be set up for video conferencing at room scale with the addition of a webcam and microphone. Find out more here.

Having a group of people being able to take part in a Teams meeting as a room rather than on individual devices makes those joining remotely feel much more part of the team. Using any of these interactive screens means that ideas can be captured on-screen in real time using touch screen technology and writing with either your finger or a stylus depending on the model, helping to maintain focus and engagement.

As well as video conferencing these screens can also be used for presentations, video display walls or as digital signage so their versatility makes them an attractive proposition.

Clarity Solutions provide an on-site consultancy so we can deliver a qualified set of recommendations based on room sizes and requirements. We can also arrange for in-situ equipment demonstrations if required.

Multifunctional printers

​Multifunctional printers are the workhorses of business. It’s essential to get the right machine for your needs to ensure that you’re not paying for functionality you’ll never use. Adopting a hybrid workplace structure will have an impact on the usage of the office multifunctional printer and it might be financially prudent to reconfigure your printer fleet to reflect this. You might need to invest in some smaller, data-secure desktop models for working from home or change the office photocopier to a more economical model for example. With over 20 years of experience, we can help you make these decisions and advise on the best solution to fit your business. We can also offer flexible short-term rental contracts on a range of multifunctional printers to bridge the gap while you’re assessing your needs. All the new A3 and A4 multifunctional printers in our range qualify for this limited company tax incentive scheme when purchased outright. We offer a robust service agreement based on a cost per copy from 0.3p which covers toners, parts and labour so you can rest assured that we will keep your machine up and running with the minimum of fuss. If you would like to take advantage of this tax incentive, give us a call on Worcester 019056 721400 or Gloucester 01452 699400 to talk through your options for hybrid workplace equipment and multifunctional printers, or email


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