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The benefits of interactive display screen technology for the hybrid workplace

Sharp Windows Collaboration Display System being used for hybrid working

Technology for hybrid working

The pandemic has forced many companies to look seriously at developing a hybrid workplace, where office occupancy is reduced and team members work from home some of the time. While this isn’t a new idea, it had already been introduced in some progressive businesses before Covid struck, the adoption curve has been massively accelerated as a result of the global health crisis.

Getting the balance right between flexibility and productivity is key to the success of this way of working and the use of appropriate technology for the hybrid workplace is fundamental. Much has been learned about productivity and employee wellbeing while people have been working from home during lockdown and these advances need to be incorporated into workplace culture as we emerge into the next iteration of the working environment.

Businesses have had to be agile in terms of how they serve their customers in a rapidly changing marketplace but also in how they develop their modus operandi internally to optimise this opportunity.

Clarity Solutions have been suppliers of big screen visual technology since pre-pandemic times, as these products complement the office multifunctional printers which we are known for and this means we can help companies to improve their productivity and streamline their supplier portfolio.

Our most forward-thinking customers have used big screens in a variety of ways, both customer-facing and to aid internal collaboration, revitalising their workspaces, impressing their clients and increasing productivity.

So what are the benefits of big screen technology when it comes to the hybrid workplace?

Effective collaboration

Maintaining effective collaboration within teams is one of the greatest challenges of hybrid working. All our BIG PAD visual solutions have the facility to be used for video conferencing, either with an external webcam and microphone, or in the case of the Windows Collaboration Display System this functionality is built in. This means that virtual meetings can be achieved at room scale making it easier for participants to focus and, essentially, for those working remotely to still feel part of the team.

Talent retention and recruitment

The freedom afforded by remote working experienced during the pandemic is not going to be given up easily. Companies that are prepared to invest in hybrid workplace collaboration technology are more likely to retain valuable team members, particularly those from Generation Z who have grown up with technology and are completely comfortable with it. Not only that but this technology also gives companies the opportunity to recruit from a larger geographical area, potentially even globally, if employees’ presence in the office is not required on a daily basis, which allows access to a much greater pool of talent.

Enhanced creativity

According to The Economist “Productivity remained intact during lockdown, but creativity plummeted.” This is largely due to lack of employee connection and being able to share ideas in a group setting. The BIG PAD visual solutions all have touchscreen technology so creative developments can be captured on screen as the meeting progresses, shared by all participants regardless of whether or not they are actually in the room. Depending on the choice of screen, documents can be annotated using your finger or, for more accuracy, a stylus with access to a menu of pen settings and functions.

If you want to explore how your business can take advantage of the benefits of using big screen technology for hybrid working, give our friendly team a call on Worcester 01905 721400 / Gloucester 01452 699400 or email and we will be happy to arrange a webinar with one of our experts to explain further.


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