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Clarity Solutions' commitment to Covid and site safety

Caution tape

You're safe with us!

Over the last year or so, the term “site safety” has expanded to include Covid safety protocols. When you need external contractors coming on to your premises it’s important to feel safe while they’re on site, and nothing has highlighted this more than the additional safety measures required during the pandemic.

Ongoing Covid safety

​Here at Clarity Solutions our high standard of customer service is something we pride ourselves on and making sure that we do our bit to keep you Covid safe has become a part of that.

We are a small team that is fortunate to operate out of an office and warehouse space that is large enough for us to maintain social distancing easily while at work. Every member of the team has also committed to taking lateral flow tests twice a week to ensure that we are maintaining vigilance as restrictions are eased. This is particularly important for our engineers who visit multiple customers daily, both for their peace of mind and that of our customers. Naturally, they are also equipped with PPE and will adhere to whatever hygiene and safety protocols you have in place on site.

Remote solutions

In the past we have often used software solutions to allow you to grant our engineers access to your systems remotely if you have a printing or scanning issue that can be rectified in this way. The pandemic has encouraged us to innovate and use this approach wherever possible. This not only reduces the need for personal contact and site visits but also improves the speed with which we can solve your problem and get your machine back up and running. You can read more about the other ways we save you time here. If our engineers are out on the road they are still able to use laptops to facilitate remote solutions, so even if they’re not in your local area they can offer swift assistance. At the height of the pandemic some of our customers understandably had high levels of restrictions on visitors being allowed on site. We have had to be creative in our resolution of some simple physical rather than software problems, by using mobile video calls to talk customers through easy fixes, and we are happy to continue to use this option in future if it’s appropriate and you’re comfortable with having a go. It goes without saying that we attend when it’s needed – the nature of the service we provide means that we will never be able to fix everything remotely!

Site safety

Some of our machines are installed in locations where there are other hazards to consider besides Covid. Our engineers are now also equipped with high viz jackets, hard hats and steel toe-capped boots to keep them safe in those situations and to ensure that they are not incurring any liability for you as the site operator. This is particularly important for construction site offices but also in manufacturing and warehouse environments. If you have any concerns or specific site safety procedures that you need us to follow should we need to visit, just let us know. Give us a call on Worcester 01905 721400 / Gloucester 01452 699400, use the webchat on our website, or email


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