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How a good printer supplier saves your business time

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Clarity Solutions can save your business time

Businesses are busy places. Efficiency is paramount so you need a multifunctional printer supplier that saves your business time and is as efficient as you are. Hello! We’re Clarity Solutions and if you’re a business in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire or Herefordshire WE ARE that supplier! Here’s why…

Helping you save time choosing your printer

We’ve all done it. Spent hours researching the best computer/car/phone/printer for our needs then trying to find the best compromise for our budget. Tedious enough when it’s in your own time, but when it’s taking up valuable working time it’s even worse. When you get in touch with us you can skip all that. If you know what you need from your office printer we will use our decades of expertise to recommend the best models to suit both your needs and your budget. If you’re not quite sure what you need we’ll ask you some pertinent questions to identify the right machine for your circumstances.

Monitoring toner levels

How many times have you had a lot of printing to do only to find that you run out of toner halfway through? So frustrating! We use monitoring software called Print Audit that can operate on most machines and networks which alerts us when your toner levels hit 25%. 25% toner level is usually enough for 100s more pages so we can get new toner cartridges ordered and delivered to you well before your printer grinds to a halt and holds up your workflow.

Remote assistance

​Should you experience a problem with your multifunctional printer, if possible, depending on the nature of the problem, we’ll solve it by using technology rather than physically having an engineer visit your premises. We have the technical expertise to log in to most systems remotely (subject to you granting access each time) so we can deal with a multitude of issues which means you’re back up and running quickly without having to wait for an engineer to get to you.

Local, live call handling

​When you call us with a problem with your printer you’ll speak to a member of our team, not a call centre operator. We all have access to our engineers’ scheduling system so if the issue does need us to visit we can make changes in real-time depending on the location of our engineers and the severity of the problem. This means that if your machine is down and an engineer is down the road you won’t have to wait for him to fix a less critical issue miles away first. We carry a good selection of parts on our vans to increase the likelihood of being able to get your printer back in working order with a single visit and we’re proud to say that this happens in 95% of cases.

We understand how important efficiency is to your business because it’s important to us too. Being a good printer supplier that saves your business time and keeps your machines functioning well is what our reputation has been built on. Visit our Testimonials page to see what our customers say about our service and if we can help you too get in touch. Call our friendly team on Worcester 01905 721400 or Gloucester 01452 699400, use the webchat or email


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