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We’re your Worcestershire and Gloucestershire supplier of printers and photocopiers

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For the best local service you need a local company

There is a lot of change going on in the printer and photocopier supply industry at the moment. Smaller companies are being taken over by larger, national organisations and levels of customer service are suffering as a result. Conversations we have had recently with potential customers have highlighted this – people are unhappy with their urgent calls for service going through to a national call centre who don’t have local information about resolution timescales at their fingertips. It makes the irritation of your photocopier breaking down a lot worse when you lose confidence in your service provider.

​If you’re a business based in Worcestershire or Gloucestershire you don’t have to put up with that.

Clarity Solutions are your LOCAL supplier of printers and photocopiers in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Our offices, staff and engineers are ALL local and when you call us you come through to a member of our team who will recognise you and your company. We’re a local business just like you and we aim to be an external member of YOUR team so you know you can rely on us.

Local and independent

Clarity Solutions is a privately owned company and the directors are hands-on, not removed from our customers in an ivory tower in another part of the country. While we enjoy autonomy, we are also a part of the Clarity Copiers group which consists of 32 independent suppliers of printers and photocopiers each serving their local area. Being part of Clarity Copiers means we have the best of both worlds as we can enjoy the benefits of group purchasing power (with associated manufacturers’ pricing discounts) while having complete control over how we serve our customers – all the best bits of economies of scale without the drawbacks of being a large company whose customers become data rather than people.

We're about so much more than the sale

​To us, giving customers our best attention goes way beyond the sale. While many companies pull out all the stops to get you on board but don’t maintain that level of service once the paperwork is signed, to us, installing your machine is just the beginning of our working relationship and, like any relationship, for it to be successful you have to put the effort in! The likelihood of our customers recommending us to other businesses doesn’t depend on the quality of the machine we install but on how we look after them afterwards. Here’s what one of them had to say…

I must compliment your organisation for your efficiency and professionalism. I have been totally impressed by the ease in which you provide service to us and the excellent support we receive. It's great to work with a company that just gets the job done as soon as we need it." Carl Murphy, Printed Banners and Signs Ltd

​The machines we sell are not unique to us. What sets us apart is the continuing high level of service we offer post-installation. For more customer testimonials click here.

We fix problems fast

We maintain your machines to keep problems to a minimum, but if you do need to call us, your call is handled “live” which means that if you have a problem which needs an engineer visit to get your machine up and running again and we know we have an engineer nearby, we’ll slot you into his schedule while he’s there before directing him elsewhere. We’re able to do this because our vans are well equipped with a comprehensive supply of parts so we have most bases covered, so much so that we are able to fix over 95% of issues within 24 hours and a single engineer’s visit. Many technical rather than physical faults can be resolved remotely using software to access your network (with your digital permission), which speeds up response times and reduces machine downtime, so very often, if we don’t have an engineer close by one will be able to assist you promptly even from the other side of the county. Most of our customers take out a a service agreement and pay monthly costs per copy based on meter readings. This covers all consumables, maintenance, parts and repairs so you don't have to worry about unexpected call-out charges. Clarity Solutions operate as a cohesive team, all subscribing to the same values when it comes to customer service, not a disparate team spread out over various large departments in various locations. We believe that for the best local service you need a local company. We’re your local, independent supplier and service provider for printers and photocopiers in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. If you’d like to have a chat about your requirements call our friendly team on Worcester 01905 721400 or Gloucester 01452 699400, use the webchat or email We're here to provide the service you deserve.


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